Weather Girl – Where Are They Now?

Weather Girl - Where Are They Now?

WARNING - spoilers ahead!

Now that things at the weather station are significantly less chaotic, Ari and Russell have the freedom to pitch more pieces that they’re interested in. The two team up for a special segment where they explore the ideal temperature and weather conditions for various sports and how this could affect performance during each game.

After a quick engagement, Ari & Russell have an intimate wedding with the cutest mini bridal party accompanied by superstars Torrance and Seth as MOH and Best Man. The two embark on a whirlwind honeymoon, chasing storms and watching games across the country.

While they are focused on their careers for now, Elodie hopes that siblings are in her future so that there is a new baby book for her dad to contribute to.


Happily Ever After… for both couples!

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