We Are the Brennans

Tracey Lange – 3.5/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· love a story of family coming together
· have ever felt like the black sheep
· want to feel as though your family is normal this holiday season

Sunday Brennan thought she escaped New York forever when she left for Los Angeles until she wakes up in a hospital after causing an accident with her drunk driving. When one of her three brothers flies in to take care of her, she is convinced to finally return home after five years away. Determined to avoid any questions about what happened all those years ago, Sunday tries to avoid having her secrets revealed and discovers she’s not the only one in the family with something to hide.

My thoughts on the book: 
Petition to rename this book “Regrets & Poor Decisions”!
This book was enjoyable but kind of meh for me. I always love a story about siblings and family so the relationships between the Brennan kids really drew me in. I liked that this was told from multiple perspectives and how the author tied each different POV chapter back to the last one to keep the storyline from getting confusing. I really liked Sunday’s character and though she made some pretty terrible decisions, I felt like I agreed with her that they were the right things to do at the time.
The dissolution of Sunday and Kale’s relationship left me with such a pit and I felt all of the secondhand regret that came from them revisiting everything that happened between them five years prior. Denny’s poor decisions also made me physically ill but I totally felt his desperation through the pages and completely understood how he ended up where he was. 
The plot lines around the dad leaving Ireland and Grail’s mother’s past was a bit underdeveloped, they seemed like additional pieces that could have been left out without affecting the story. They were almost distracting as I was spending time trying to figure out how they related back to the main plot.

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