The Show Girl

Nicola Harrison– 5/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· wish the 2020’s were a bit more roaring
· love historical fiction that takes you to another era
· like a heroine who does what she wants

In 1927, Olive McCormick moves to New York City determined to become a showgirl in the Ziegfeld Follies. When her talent as a singer and dancer land her this coveted role, she finds herself in a glamorous world beyond any of her wildest dreams. On top of the world and loving her life as a free woman, Olive must make many decisions between everything she has worked so hard to achieve and her family, friends, and one true love. 

My thoughts on the book: 
This book transported me back 100 years right into the thick of the roaring twenties and the glitz and glamour right before the Great Depression hit! The description of every last detail in the book made it such and incredible read that sucked me in from start to finish.
Olive was such a complex character with so many layers of personality. I instantly fell in love with her and found her to be so real, there were so many moments where I wanted to scream at her for her terrible decisions. Archie was an absolute dreamboat, I fell in love with him from the start.
This book encapsulated so many different themes: family, love, hard work and perseverance. There’s something in here for everyone! One of my favourite reads this year, highly highly recommend!

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