The Kitchen Front

Jennifer Ryan – 3.5/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· like to get creative in the kitchen
· are looking for historical fiction from a different perspective
· can handle some cheesy friendship moments 

Two years into World War 2, people are desperately trying to make do with the rations they must survive on. The Kitchen Front, a BBC program, aims to help housewives learn how to provide for their families within these limits. Audrey, a widow and home chef who is struggling to make ends meet for her three sons, is ecstatic when she hears that her favourite program is starting a cooking contest to look for its first-ever female cohost. She must be prepared to go up against three other woman who are all desperate to win. 

My thoughts on the book:

This book is a historical fiction unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved the premise of the story and found all of the details about rationing so interesting, especially how people had to manage by getting creative with what they ate (whale meat – definitely a no from me). The characters in this story were so well developed and all so likeable, I had no idea who I even wanted to win the competition (but definitely not Lady Gwendolyn 😂). 
Some parts of this book were so cringey (The Four Friends??) and I found that some dragged on forever while others that were more excited were kind of glossed over way too quickly. 

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