The Holiday Swap

Maggie Knox – 4/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· loved the parent trap
· are in the mood for a small-town romance
· have ever wanted to tell your sister’s ex what you really think of him

Chef Charlie Goodwin is trying to prove herself to be a bigger star than her cohost of the reality baking show Sweet and Salty. When an accident leaves her without her sense of taste and smell, she doesn’t know how she’s going to judge contestants’ creations but she does know who she can turn to in her time of need. Charlie’s twin sister Cass is swamped, running the family bakery in their hometown while their parents are on their first vacation in decades. When Charlie suggests switching places for the next few days until Christmas, Cass is at first hesitant but needing and escape of her own, she finally agrees. The girls shortly find out that trading places was much easier when they were kids as things start to get more complicated than they could ever imagine.  

My thoughts on the book:
Cute Christmas book alert 🚨🎄 
This book gave me strong Hallmark movie vibes which I loved so much! The twins were so cute and I loved how much they took care of and looked out for each other no matter what. The love interests are incredibly swoon-y even though things get a little messy! The setting of this book is everything I wanted in a Christmas book – I need a holiday in Starlight Peak 😍
The only part of this book that had me rolling my eyes was the ending. I love love love a happy ending but oh man this one wrapped up way too perfectly for my taste. I’m always down for a HEA but this was just waaaay too much! 

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