The Heart Principle

Helen Hoang – 5/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· love an unconventional love interest
· have had to stand up to family members with unrealistic expectations of you
· have ever burnt out and cracked under pressure

Anna is a self-described people-pleaser. She does everything to make those around her happy, including agreeing to an open relationship when her boyfriend suggests it. She knows she has to find her complete opposite, which is how she ends up finding Quan, who is tattooed and drives a motorcycle. When all of their attempts at a one-night stand fail, the two realize there are actual feelings between them and a family tragedy brings them even closer to each other… and potential heartbreak. 

My thoughts on the book:
My favourite book in this series and quite possibly of all time! Quan is the book boyfriend of my dreams, I loved how sweet him and Anna are together. The character development through the book was so incredible, my heart broke for Anna as she struggled throughout the story. I was so immersed in this book and could not put it down! 
While the focal point of this book is obviously the romance, there are many other things going on and they all come together to make such a beautiful story. The author’s note at the end really tied everything together so amazingly and really showed how connected to these characters the author is. 

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