The Hating Game – Where Are They Now?

The Hating Game - Where Are They Now?

WARNING - spoilers ahead!

Now that they no longer work together, things become stale in Josh & Lucy’s relationship.

Lucy tries to bring back the spark by engaging in her old prankster ways and rearranges Josh’s colour-coded dress shirts. When Josh puts on his robin’s-egg blue shirt on the wrong day of the week, he doesn’t have the amused reaction she was hoping for.

Josh is starting to get super bored of Lucy’s aversion to going out. There’s only so much someone can handle being home all the time, right? He starts to hang out with his single friends from the gym and the grass starts to look a lot greener on their side…

Lucy  begins to think about her options and starts to consider giving Danny another chance, and the relationship deteriorates from there.


No Happily Ever After for these two!

One can only handle being called Shortcake for so long..


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