The Fastest Way To Fall

Jasmine Guillory – 5/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· have ever gone on a ~health~ journey
· have ever felt like you’re not good enough
· like a slow burn romance

In an attempt to prove she is an asset to the lifestyle website she works for, Britta Colby agrees to sign up for a body-positive fitness app and blog about her experience with the platform. The CEO of this FitMe app, Wes, is missing the fulfillment he got as a personal trainer and decides it’s time for him to dive back in as a coach for the app and by chance picks up Britta as one of his clients. Both of them are pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoy chatting with each other and eventually lines are crossed when they start training together in real life. Wes isn’t supposed to be involving himself with clients and Britt’s reputation as a writer is on the line by getting involved with him but their chemistry is undeniable. Will they put their hard-earned careers at risk for their new-found interest in each other?

My thoughts on the book:
This book had me hooked from the dedication page. Denise Williams is the queen of body-positivity without the feeling of anything being forced. The underlying message of self-love is powerful in this one and so inspiring.
The slow burn between Britta and Wes pulled me in and I couldn’t put this book down! Britta is a funny, empowered, relatable MC. Wes is sweet and selfless. All the supporting characters are amazing (except you, Kelsey), and add so much to the story line. All of these layers lead to an amazing book that’s as much about family and self-acceptance as it is a love story.
I especially appreciated the conflict resolution skills of the main characters and loved how they were able to look past everything that happened between them to finally have their HEA!

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