The Boys’ Club

Erica Katz – 5/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· need inspiration to reach your career goals
· have had to work harder in your field because you’re a minority
· like a badass MC

Alex Vogel has always been an overachiever and her career goals were no exception. When she finishes her Harvard law degree and is offered her dream job at a prestigious law firm, she vows that she won’t become one of her overworked colleagues in Mergers and Acquisitions. 

My thoughts on the book:
Do you need inspiration to kill it career-wise in the New Year? This book is for you! I actually felt like I was somehow accomplishing something while reading about the MC crushing her goals… Needless to say, reading about someone climbing the ranks of a law firm doesn’t count as working. I have never entertained the idea of being a lawyer before this book and if it didn’t show the gruesome side of this career field, I might have actually started law school applications…
Alex Vogel is such a ballsy character, I loved her from the beginning to the end of this book. She is so well developed throughout the story and with each notch she moves up the corporate ladder. I liked how this book showed the deterioration of her relationships and how oblivious she was to it. I found it to be so realistic and it made her so much more relatable.
This book was fast-paced and gave me Suits drama vibes. I liked the satisfaction of justice being served in this one without feeling like everything was tied up too perfectly. 

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