Remember Me?

Sophie Kinsella – 4/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· have ever wanted to wake up in another life
· believe that love don’t cost a thing
· love books that should be movies

The last thing Lexi Smart can remember is slipping on wet pavement during a night out with her friends. That’s what she recounts to her mom and sister when she wakes up in a hospital three years later with no memory of what’s happened in between. Her new life seems to be everything she’s ever wanted – new hair, new teeth, and a new waistline thanks to a carb-free diet! – and even includes a gorgeous, incredibly successful husband, and the career she’s always dreamed of. When she’s discharged and sent to live in this new world, she very quickly realizes that things are not as perfect as she hoped they might be.

My thoughts on the book:
I. Loved. This. Book! Like anything from Sophie Kinsella, it was super light and fun, but still kept me coming back for more. There was just enough drama outside of the relationship storyline to keep everything moving along at an entertaining pace. The characters in this book were all hilarious and so well-developed that I grew very invested in them. Lexi is so funny, I loved every moment of “holy crap, this is my life??” that she brought to the book. The banter between characters was pure gold and had me actually laughing while reading it. I loved Lexi and how she never settled for “good enough” even when she had her seemingly perfect life.
This book had everything I was looking for – great friendships, a career-oriented MC, and a messy love triangle (and I reminder that not everything is as perfect as it seems…) – highly recommend!

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