Susanna Clarke – 4/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· like an unexpected twist
· enjoy books with a deeper meaning
· love reads that are descriptive and suck you in to a particular setting

Piranesi lives in a home better described as a labyrinth, with never ending rooms, halls, and statues, as well as all kinds of wildlife, and even an ocean running through it. There is only one other person in the labyrinth, The Other, who meets with Piranesi once a week in a quest to reach his goal of finding A Great and Secret Knowledge. As Piranesi continues to explore his home, he comes across a haunting truth that leads him to a world he has never known.  

My thoughts on the book: 
This book was truly like nothing I have ever read before. Admittedly for the first half I was incredibly confused. I had so many questions about this world were in and how it came to be. These are immediately answered with one journal entry that depicts Piranesi’s first encounter with The Other. 
This book really kept my interest from start to finish. The characters weren’t very developed but I felt as though that was important to all of the unknowns that were important in moving the story along. I feel as though I need to read through this again in order to appreciate the many themes that come into this book. Piranesi’s time in and devotion to the labyrinth has so many different meanings, now that I’ve gotten through the plot, I would love to go through and dig into these even more!

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