My Cone and Only

My Cone and Only by Susannah Nix – 4/5 Stars

Read this if you:

· always want what you can’t have 
· wish your SO was heir to an ice cream empire
· love a small town romance


Wyatt King has had a ton of ‘situationships’, avoiding anything serious because he’s already in love, but since she’s his best friend’s sister who he promised to protect, she’s entirely off limits. Andie Lockhart has been obsessed with Wyatt since she started noticing boys but she always felt like he was more reserved with her than with the other women in his life, and therefore entirely uninterested. When Andie has house trouble that Wyatt helps her work on, their near-constant contact makes it impossible to hide their feelings. But can they go public with their new relationship and risk messing up Wyatt’s friendship with Andie’s brother?

My Thoughts on the Book:

Can it be possible to love a love story and still think that there’s no way the main characters are going to make it long term??
I totally believed the love happening in this book but Wyatt is a womanizer at heart and Andie is insanely jealous – it’s only going to be so long before he slips back into his old ways and she flips out… right?
Aside from all that, this book had everything I’m looking for, tons of tension, a slow burn, and loveable, relatable characters! I hated the regret that I felt for both Andie and Wyatt, knowing they could have had the last decade together if they had been honest about their feelings, but I think they each spent that time working on themselves so it was probably for the best.
I have one other complaint about this book… I picked this one up because it’s the first in the King Family series, and I of course have to read every book in a series, in order. At the end of the book, there’s a little blurb about Andie’s brother’s love story (which is briefly mentioned in here) being in another book… which is #6 in another series 😩 Maybe I’m just super nosey… Am I the only one who needs to be entirely caught up like this?? There’s no way I’m going to start another 6-part series… right??

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