Love and Other Words

Christina Lauren – 5/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· still think about your first love
· believe in fate
· love second-chance romance

Macy Sorenson is not engaged to the man of her dreams but she is so busy with her work as a paediatrics resident that she’s settled for good enough. While catching up with a friend, she bumps into Elliot Petropoulos, her first love. This chance reunion brings back the unresolved feelings they have for each other, even all these years later, and Macy must decide if she can forgive Elliot for an indiscretion he has no idea he ever committed while Elliot decides if he can trust Macy to not walk out on him again without notice.

My thoughts on the book:
This was one of the most beautiful stories I think I’ve ever read. My heart was completely ruined at multiple points throughout the story but I absolutely loved it. This book was much heavier than the other Christina Lauren books I’ve read and I really enjoyed their more serious side. I loved how the chapters flipped between the main characters’ past relationship and their present-day encounter, it was such an effective way to tell their story and I liked how I was kept in the dark about what happened between them until the whole story was revealed to Elliot also.
Elliot is an absolute dream. Only a man written by women could be so sweet, sensitive, and able to articulate his feelings in such a beautiful way. Macy was such a relatable character and I really felt the impossibility of the situation she was put in. Aside from falling in love with the main storyline, I felt the love between Macy’s parents throughout the book and their story was absolutely heartbreaking. Everything coming full circle at the end of the book was really the cherry on top for me and sealed the deal on the 5-star storytelling!

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