Half-Baked Holidays

Kat Bastion – 3/5 Stars

This is a cute collection of 5 holiday stories of romance. All of these were light-hearted and enjoyable but some were SO cheesy, even for a Christmas book. 

So NOT a Silent Night – this was my least favourite of the stories, the relationship between characters developed way too quickly for me to be invested in them. 
Amanda returns home to her blended family and is dreading the holiday season with them until she bumps into her high school crush who changes all of her feelings about being home. 

Enticing Wrapper Number 9 – this was my favourite of the stories, I would love a whole book about Hope and Miguel!
Hope is part of a volunteer team, wrapping toy donations for kids. Her eye is caught by a handsome firefighter who pays her no attention until she takes an embarrassing tumble in too-high shoes!

Give Me a Christmas Break – I didn’t love how the relationship developed in this story, it was super fast and even more unrealistic. 
Brooke is on vacation with her family when she meets Koa. He’s her complete opposite but sees right through the facade that she puts up between herself and others and sparks fly between them.  

Half-Baked Holiday – this was a super cute story with a sweet relationship trajectory that I loved!
When Anna sneaks into an open house to bake her Christmas treats, she thinks she’s gotten away with not being seen but she has an unexpected (and really cute!) visitor…

Billionaire Bash New Year’s Crash – this story did a great job of developing the characters in such a short period. I would love to read more about Dali and Logan! 
Dali has been convinced to attend a mansion party with her friend who stole outfits and invitations from a rich client. While her friend is on the hunt for a husband, Dali is only looking for somewhere quiet in the house when she bumps into Logan who is instantly smitten enough to keep her secret. 

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