Book Review – The Soulmate Equation

Christina Lauren – 5/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· believe in soulmates
· have given up on dating and need science to step in to help you find your next love match
· are looking for something a little different out of your next rom-com

Jess Davis is a single mom and statistics genius. She’s been out of the dating world since her ex decided he wasn’t interested in having children and has no interest in jumping back in. While working in her favourite coffee shop with her friend Fizzy, she hears about GeneticAlly, a new matchmaking company that matches based on DNA compatibility. When Jess is pressured to give it a try, her results are astounding – a 98% match with the company’s founder, Dr. River Peña. When Jess expresses her disinterest in pursuing a relationship with this man that she’s met before and believes to be stuck-up, the company offers to pay her to get to know him, a proposition she can’t turn down. As River and Jess go through the motions, making appearances and going on dates, Jess begins to realize that the numbers really don’t lie.

My thoughts on the book:
UPDATE: I have a new favourite Christina Lauren book! Every scene with River and Jess made me MELT, I loved how their relationship developed and their chemistry was EVERYTHING. The characters in this book were phenomenal. Jess was so dynamic, it was so sweet how much she cared for her family and what she was willing to sacrifice for her daughter. River was a bit unlikeable in the beginning but I loved how quickly he embraced Jess as his soulmate, inserting himself into all of the facets of her life. I also loved the comedic edge that Fizzy added, her friendship with Jess was so solid, everyone needs a friend like her in their lives! We also need to talk about the scientific accuracies of this book. I loved how, while a DNA matchmaking service seems a little far-fetched, the explanations on how the technology would work made so much sense. I personally loved geeking-out over the science and data of their GeneticAlly match, the combination with a traditional rom-com was right up my alley!

Special thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sending me an ARC of this book!

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