Book Review – The Secret Bridesmaid

Katy Birchall – 5/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· have stuck it out with a bully boss just to prove them wrong
· are an expert at dealing with bridezillas
· have ever done something ridiculous to prove you’re not a goody-goody. · LOVE weddings

While helping her cousin with wedding planning, Sophie Breeze realizes that she is such a great bridesmaid she should make it her full-time job. Different from a wedding planner, Sophie is hired by brides to pose as their friend and work behind the scenes to help them plan and make sure everything runs smoothly on their big day. When Lady Victoria Swan, the Marchioness of Meade, hires her as a bridesmaid for her daughter’s wedding, its Sophie’s chance for a big break. What Sophie doesn’t know is that the bride, Cordelia, has no interest in having someone who is paid to be her bridesmaid and is determined to make Sophie’s life a nightmare. Will Sophie be able to persevere and pull off the biggest wedding of the decade?

My thoughts on the book:
I’m obsessed with weddings and would absolutely love to be a professional bridesmaid if I didn’t completely lose my head when put under the smallest bit of pressure. Sophie Breeze on the other hand, is my idol for how she handles all kinds of different brides and is willing to make a fool of herself to make someone happy on their big day. I absolutely loved this book. It was hilarious and I loved how the main focus was on the development of the friendship between Sophie and Cordelia with a touch of romance to add to the storyline. Cordelia was such a terrible person throughout the majority of this book but she shows so much growth and development, it starts to become clear why Sophie pushes so hard to develop a friendship with her. The antics between the two main characters were so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh at Sophie’s misfortune even when I felt bad for her. Overall, this was a sweet, light read that sucked me in until the end!

Special thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s press for sending me an ARC of this book!

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