Book Review – Roomies

Christina Lauren – 4/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· are a sucker for a guy with a guitar
· feel like a supporting character in your own life story
· love a fake marriage trope

Holland Bakker can find any excuse to enter the subway station near her home only to hear the music performed by “Jack”, her busker crush. When she is attacked in the subway station one night and he steps in to help, she feels indebted to this stranger who disappears soon after police arrive. Holland sets up an audition with her uncle who is a successful Broadway musical director and soon learns Jack’s name is actually Calvin and, much to everyone’s disappointment, is in New York with an expired student Visa so he is unable to take the job. Impulsively, Calvin and Holland get married so that she can save the day and he can realize his dreams of performing on Broadway and it’s only a matter of time before the two of them stop pretending and real feelings start to develop.

My thoughts on the book:
My biggest complaint about this book is that it wasn’t longer! I loved Holland and Calvin and really enjoyed reading about the progression of their relationship, from one of convenience to one of genuine love. While the general plot of this book initially seems like a far-fetched storyline, I appreciated that everything felt so realistic, even though I’ve never married a stranger to save my uncle’s Broadway show. I also really enjoyed Holland’s progression through the novel, from supporting character to the lead in her own story – her growth really added another layer to the book. I love a happy ending and liked how everything came together in this book but I felt as though it was a little rushed and most of the resolution came in the last two chapters. I LOVE an epilogue and would have appreciated one here, just to find out how things turned out with all of the characters!

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