Book Review – Plot Twist

Bethany Turner – 4/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· can handle the frustrations of a missed-connections love story
· want to be part of a class-action lawsuit against Alanis Morissette for miseducating a whole generation about irony
· are a procrastinator who has put off completing something for a decade (and then found it actually took much less time to really finish)

On February 4, 2003, Olivia Ross is at her favourite coffee house working on her screenplay passion project. While there, she has a magical encounter with a stranger who is a struggling actor. The two agree to meet back at the same place on the same date, in ten years to give them both the opportunity to create the film. After parting ways without even exchanging names, Olivia is left to spend the next decade both looking forward to and dreading February 4th, an exceptional day that every year seems to be filled with many coincidences and even more irony.

My thoughts on the book:
The best part of this book is (not shockingly) the plot twist, so I don’t want to say much and give anything away! This story reminded me initially of ‘One Day in December’ (which I loved!), but it quickly took on a distinctively different storyline. The writing in this book was so exceptional, I felt myself feeling a lot of second-hand regret for Olivia, as if the repercussions of her decisions were ones I had to deal with myself. I found this book to be a cute and enjoyable quick read and I appreciated that while everything tied up nicely in the end, it wasn’t as predictable as it seemed like it would be!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed are completely my own. This book will be available June 14, 2021!

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