Book Review – Dating You/Hating You

Christina Lauren (4/5 Stars)

Read this if you:
· have a jerk boss and need some empowerment to get out of your terrible job
· are craving an office love story crossed with an enemies to lovers romance
· love a hot, nerdy book boyfriend

Evie is dreading going to a friend’s Halloween party solo and regrets the decision even more when she shows up and it’s filled with couples. As she heads to the singles’ corner, she is delightfully surprised to meet Carter, and the two hit it off immediately. After their first date, Evie sees a future for the two of them, even though the are both extremely busy talent agents working at competing companies. When the two agencies merge, Carter and Evie are forced by their boss to compete for the same position and the sabotage begins. Will the two be able to separate their work and love lives so they can have their happily ever after?

My thoughts on the book:
I thoroughly enjoy a Christina Lauren read 8 days a week, they can do no wrong! The plot of this book was great and moved along at an enjoyable space – nothing felt rushed or dragged out. I found all of the characters in this book to be dynamic and full of personality. I really like when books are written from the perspective of each of the main characters. I appreciated the insight into how both Carter and Evie experienced the same event as well as each of their thoughts about each other and what was happening around them, I found this really added to the plot and the character development. I also really enjoyed that despite this being the typical CLo romantic comedy, there is such a strong message to women about being their own advocate in the workforce – to stand their ground and demand the equal pay and recognition they deserve.

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