Anxious People

Fredrik Backman – 4/5 Stars

 Read this if you:
· are an anxious person
· can see the good in people who have made poor decisions
· like a book with a witty narrator

An apartment viewing is not normally the place you would expect a hostage situation but when a bank robbery goes wrong, anything can happen. Despite the differences between the 8 people trapped inside, they all have more in common than it seems. When the robber gets away, police are stumped by where they could be and there is suspicion of dishonesty from the hostages being interrogated. 

My thoughts on the book:
This book left me with a ton of feelings. It was occasionally sad, sometimes funny, and totally immersed me in the world of the characters. I loved the writing in this book, it was so different from anything I’ve read before. I really enjoyed the way it explored how not everything is black and white, good and bad. 
The character development throughout the book was excellent and seeing how everyone connected back to each other was one of my favourite parts. This book does jump around a bit with timelines which sometimes got a little confusing but overall it was an easy plot to follow. 
My first Backman book and for sure not my last! 

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