A Slow Fire Burning

Paula Hawkins – 3/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· are too scared for a thrilling thriller
· need to be convinced to not seek revenge
· have patience to read about characters who are the WOAT

When Daniel Sutherland’s body is found maimed on his houseboat, police turn their investigation to the three women closest to him. Laura was last seen in his home but she swears there’s no connection between them and she left after a one-night stand. His aunt Carla is thrown into complete grief over it, adding him to an ever-growing list of family members lost. Miriam is his neighbour who seems to know more than what she’s letting on. All three have reasons that would have pushed them to this breaking point but do they all have an alibi for the time of the murder?

My thoughts on the book: 
This book fell pretty flat for me. I’m always so nervous when starting a book that’s thrown around as a thriller so I was super relieved that this one was nothing even close to that but I was also bored. I felt as though I was often picking this up just to finish it and not because I was particularly invested in the characters or the plot. Most of the characters are so unlikeable (with the exception of Irene) and seemed to be underdeveloped. They made so many poor decisions throughout the book that I had a hard time understanding because their motives felt unclear for most of the book.
I did appreciate that the killer was someone we’ve been introduced to in the book and isn’t a completely surprising random person. I enjoyed the actual mystery of the book and liked how all of the events of the storyline played out.

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