A Bright Young Thing

Brianne Moore – 3/5 Stars

Read this if you:
· need to be inspired to get your life together 
· love a comeback success story 
· like multiple plot lines to keep your attention

Astra Davies is a modern young woman living in 1930s England. When her parents die unexpectedly in an accident, she’s thrown into adulthood when she’s faced with crippling debt that could result in her having to sell her family’s home. Driven to succeed on her own without marrying into a title, Astra dives headfirst into the business world and attempts to make a name for herself, all the while dealing with scandals and family secrets. 

My thoughts on the book: 
I started off really enjoying this book. Astra is a fantastic character and reading about her coming back from her hardship was inspiring. I was rooting for her throughout the story and couldn’t wait to see her win but man, she COULD NOT catch a break! There were way too many plots happening in this book for me. I loved the main storyline of Astra’s journey to success but I could have done with out the mean girl stuff and family drama, and I felt as though the romance portion didn’t add much for me. 
The characters in this book were really well developed and I felt a great connection to them. In general, I really enjoyed the writing in this book and loved the banter and relationships between characters, it definitely kept me entertained!

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